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Dance of the Russian Elves – for piano

Piano music composition by David Alabaster – July 2003

Felt inspired – just finished it but unfortunately it’s too difficult for me to play – now there’s a change. Elves now Russian at George’s suggestion and have to dance a bit longer.

pdf score: dance_of_the_russian_elves

Hello Cellos – cello ensemble music collection

Collection of most of my and my friends compositions for cello ensemble.

Pdf of whole collection


Index of pieces:
  • Caprice (3 Cellos)
  • Peter’s Hop (4 Cellos)
  • Winter Dream (2 Cellos)
  • The Cheshire Cat (another G D Bb)  (2 Cellos)
  • G D Bb (2 Cellos – by Sarah Goodall)
  • D A B (2 Cellos)
  • D A B (2 Cellos – by George Shilling)
  • Adams (2 Cellos)
  • Experiment No 3 (2 Cellos)
  • Flying (2 Cellos)
  • Romance (2 Cellos)
  • Stroll in the Park (3 Cellos)
  • Three Blind Cellists (3 Cellos)
  • Spring Gig (3 Cellos)
  • Variations on a bar by Brahms (4 Cellos from bar 154 of Tragische overture)
  • Xmas Waltz (3 Cellos)
  • Cell-East (4 Cellos)
  • Cellists Return (2 Cellos)
  • Happy Birthday (Arranged for 4 cellos by David Alabaster & Sarah Goodall on Frannie’s Birthday)

Variations on a bar by Brahms – for cello quartet

Cello ensemble piece composed by David Alabaster  – Oct 2003

Another Celli quartet for our next cello night. Chose a bar (154) at random from Brahms Tragische Overture. Don’t ask how we got to 154!  If you really want to know then read Stenson off the wall

pdf score brahms154

pdf cello parts brahms154 parts