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Remember 2020 – Cello trio

I’ve given up waiting for a s/w update to Overture 5 so finally sat down to endure the bugs and write something new for the first time in a year as we have a cello nite coming up with the end of lockdown in sight.



Remember 2020 – cello I

Remember 2020 – cello II

Remember 2020 – cello III

PC generated recording (Amadeus Orchestra):

Live home recording – same cello for all parts:

Video showing animated score (with rather dubious sync)

L’Amour de Moi – Arrangement for 4 cellos

Here is a little arrangement (theme and variations) I made of a traditional 15th century French song for our latest cello weekend with Miranda.
Mp3 (computer generated)

A round with Anna – Cello trio

Just done a little cello trio composition ready for upcoming music weekend with Miranda in Suffolk.

Score: a round with anna cello trio

Cello I: a round with anna cello trio – cello 1

Cello II: a round with anna cello trio – cello 2

Cello III: a round with anna cello trio – cello 3

Computer synthesised mp3:

Popper Requiem – arranged for 6 cellos

By request for our upcoming  cello weekend with Miranda I have taken David Popper’s wonderful requiem and arranged for cello ensemble (6 cellos).

Updated Nov 2017 to correct the deliberate mistakes!

Score: Popper requiem arranged 6 cellos

Cello 1 part: Popper requiem 6 cellos – cello I

Cello 2 part: Popper requiem 6 cellos – cello II

Cello 3 part: Popper requiem 6 cellos – cello III

Cello 4 part: Popper requiem 6 cellos – cello IV

Cello 5 part: Popper requiem 6 cellos – cello V

Cello 6 part: Popper requiem 6 cellos – cello VI

22 Carols – for cello duet

22 cello carols arranged by David Alabaster and Sarah Goodall – 2006

22 favourites arranged for cello duet together with my good friend Sarah Goodall. To purchase a bound (plastic comb binding) copy of these carols please contact me by email (music(at)davidalabaster(dot)com). Bound copies cost £8+p&p with proceeds being donated to The Mathieson Music Trust. carols_titlepage_cellos_thumb

Printable pdf of book

Cover: carols_cover_cellos

Content: carols_cellos 2nd edition

Example soundbites

Hello Cellos – cello ensemble music collection

Collection of most of my and my friends compositions for cello ensemble.

Pdf of whole collection


Index of pieces:
  • Caprice (3 Cellos)
  • Peter’s Hop (4 Cellos)
  • Winter Dream (2 Cellos)
  • The Cheshire Cat (another G D Bb)  (2 Cellos)
  • G D Bb (2 Cellos – by Sarah Goodall)
  • D A B (2 Cellos)
  • D A B (2 Cellos – by George Shilling)
  • Adams (2 Cellos)
  • Experiment No 3 (2 Cellos)
  • Flying (2 Cellos)
  • Romance (2 Cellos)
  • Stroll in the Park (3 Cellos)
  • Three Blind Cellists (3 Cellos)
  • Spring Gig (3 Cellos)
  • Variations on a bar by Brahms (4 Cellos from bar 154 of Tragische overture)
  • Xmas Waltz (3 Cellos)
  • Cell-East (4 Cellos)
  • Cellists Return (2 Cellos)
  • Happy Birthday (Arranged for 4 cellos by David Alabaster & Sarah Goodall on Frannie’s Birthday)